Web Management Features

Email support

Probably the most common form of communication for website support. In most cases it's actually better than phone support as it provides the ability to keep track of questions and responses.

Phone support

For those cases where email just isn't sufficient. For our higher tier customers phone support is provided so that you can deal directly with us.

Software updates

One of the most important aspects of website security is to keep all the software used up to date. This can be a time consuming activity as updates sometime themselves have issues and can break the site.


Having the right hosting means that your customers don't see the site down or have to wait too long for a page to load.


What happens when something serious happens. If you don't have a backup you will loose all the work that has been provided on your site. Unless you are doing eCommerce or writing a blog changes to the site are usually rare so a less frequent backup can be used.


Reach your customers on a regular basis to provide them with news or information about what you have been doing.

Website recovery

If an intruder does get into your site or the site is corrupted in some other way we can recovery your site.

Site changes or support

However much you think that there wont be any changes to your site once live. We are sure you will find that changes are necessary. Why not take advantage of the discount on the normal hourly rates by including some in your management package.